Take-A-Label Operating Instructions

Model 250 and 450 PE, MS, and Manual

Pictured: Old style main frame

NOTE: The TAKE-A-LABEL Dispenser is shipped mounted to a cardboard base to prevent shifting in the container. Remove the machine from the base. If you are using the electric model, always load the TAKE-A-LABEL dispenser with the ON-OFF switch in the OFF position.

  1. To load a roll of labels on the TAKE-A-LABEL, loosen the unwind hub screw on the unwind collar and remove the collar, unwind spring, washer, and unwind disc.
  2. Place a roll of labels on the unwind shaft so that the beginning of the roll is on the bottom of the web coming off to your right as you face the side of the machine.
  3. Replace unwind disc, unwind spring and collar on unwind shaft. If using labels on a 3" diameter core, the hub on each disc will fit inside the core and support the roll of labels. If labels are on a 1" core simply slide disc up snug against the roll of labels. When the disc is in place, tighten unwind hub screw against unwind shaft.
  4. Thread loose end of labels under the stripping plate and up the front of the stripping plate.
  5. Pull labels over top of the stripping plate, and down towards the take-up spool and waste wind clip.
  6. Remove the waist wind clip, thread label backing paper under clip, and reinsert clip over loose paper. You want to secure the liner to the shaft so that the machine "catch" it and start spooling properly.

  7. Spring Clip
  8. Position the photo cell switch by loosening the thumb screws and moving the assembly to the right or left so that the photo cell is at or near the center of the labels. The photo cell switch can be tilted forward or backward by loosening the mounting bracket vertical adjustment wing nut.
  9. Turn on On-Off switch. The waist shaft will turn, winding up backing paper and exposing a label at the top of the stripping plate. When the photo cell sees the dispensed portion of the label, the motor will stop. As each label is removed, the machine will operate until the next label is in position to be removed. (CAUTION:) Turn off switch before removing round up waist.
  10. If labels tend to follow backing paper over the top of the stripping plate instead of peeling off, there is probably insufficient tension on the web of labels. The unwind tension adjustment collar should be moved in to put more tension on the spring and web.
  11. If the motor stalls it may be necessary to move the tension adjustment collar out to reduce the amount of unwind tension. Find a nice balance so that you don't put undue strain on the motor, but can still properly dispense a label.

Label Feed Chart

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