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Gummed tape dispensers require minimal preventive maintenance and care.  However, the gummed tape used in tape dispensers produces a "dust" that if not removed can reduce the performance of the unit.

Minimal lubrication is required for the cutting blades. Oiling these blades lightly on a monthly basis will greatly extend the life and performance of the blades.

Weekly washing of the water brushes will assure the most effective reactivation of the glue on the tape. On reinforced tape the glues are heavier, and during dispensing some of this glue wipes off on the brushes and runs into the water tank. If not washed out with warm water and mild soap weekly the glue will accumulate and reduce the effectiveness of the moistening system by clogging the water brush bristles.

No repair should be attempted by well meaning but inexperienced persons. This could cause additional problems.  We offer full repair services on most tape dispensers, or we will direct you to a knowledgeable source.


The following suggested preventive maintenance applies to all tape machine models in this web site:

Moistening brushesClean brushes = Great moistening. If the tape doesn't stick well, clean. If the brushes are full of dried glue, replace.


  • Wash water brushes with mild soap; rinse well.
  • Wash water tank with mild soap; rinse well. 

Oiler Pad behind the cutting blade BP500Some machines have a felt pad on the back side of the cutting blades. Add a few drops of oil monthly. If you have a manual machine you will need to clean and coat with a light oil.


  • Clean accumulated glue from blades. 
  • Apply light coating of light machine oil to back of blade (manuals).
  • On 555 and E and R models, add few drops of oil to the blade felt pad.

birds nestWe cleaned this out from the inside of a tape machine. I call them "Bird's Nests".


  • Thoroughly clean all accumulated pieces of tape, tape dust and any other foreign material from inside of machine with dry brush or blower.
  • Clean bottom of heaters and pressure plates of accumulated glue.
  • Clean all covers with a damp rag.

Top HeaterHeater will accumulate dried glues on the underside and need to be scraped and cleaned to prevent tape jams.

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