Better Packages BP555eS

The correct procedure for installing a new roll of tape in the Better Pack Model 555e are as follows:

First open the top cover, pull out upper tape plate. Remove short piece of tape found between the upper feed wheel and the blade. Also check rear tape basket for old tape cores.

Make sure to check tape guides for proper installation. The two tape guides should be placed so the tape will feed down the center of the machine without pinching the tape roll or allowing the tape roll to flop around.

If everything checks out, drop a new roll of tape into the rear tape basket as follows:
Unravel about 18" of tape from the roll. Guide tape over rear white roller.
Feed tape under the upper feed wheel to just behind the cutter blades and the oiler pad.
Re-install the upper tape plate.

Close top cover to activate machine. Dispense a piece of tape.

If the brushes have not been cleaned in the last week or two, it might be good to clean them out for best operation. Click here for the maintenance page.

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