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Trip Roller Adjustment

Picture on left shows the adjustment of the 555L.
Pictured on the left shows the adjustment of the 555S.

Unplug machine from power source. remove Access Hole Cover E575. This will enable you to get at the trip roller easily.

To vary the contact pressure of the trip roller against the reset button of the switches, the trip arm assembly EA39AXX carrying the trip roller assembly must be adjusted inward or outward as the case may be.

To decrease the contact pressure of the trip roller on the switches, you will have to first back off on the set screw EA45 a few turns, using the long arm allen wrench 5/64. Next the two Cap Screws EA42 must be loosened with 9/64 Hex Screw Driver LNA2 and the trip arm assembly will slide back from the switches. The correct adjustment for the trip roller is to hit the switches just hard enough to reset the key switches, but not so hard as to cause the trip roller to hang up on any of the key switches.

To increase the contact pressure on the trip roller against the key switches, you must first loosen the two Cap Screws EA42 then turn the Set Screw EA45 in a few turns, re tighter the Cap Screws, then revolve manually to check trip roller pressure on the switches.

To check the trip roller pressure against the reset button of the Key Switches, manually revolve the measuring wheel so that the roller passes the first key switch. Now press the button down and hold it. Gently bring back the measuring wheel until it comes in contact with the switch you are pressing. It should hold back and not release the roller until your finger is removed from the button. Each individual switch should be checked in this manner. If only a few switches are not right, the key switch E501LX may be individually adjusted by either tightening or loosening the knurled nut on top. If the majority are not correct, the trip arm must be readjusted, and the others brought into alignment by their individual adjustment.

As a final test press down all the key switches, then manually revolve the measuring wheel slowly, making sure all the key switches are being reset. Be sure on the return trip the trip roller doesn't hit the switches with enough pressure to hang up. Be sure this pressure is the same on each key switch around the key drum.

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