“U-45” and “U-60” 

Power Advance Dispenser for Printed Labels in rolls, or one up fanfold label formats.

U-45. Designed for most labels up to 4-½ " width. 

U-60 with a faster high torque motor for use with larger labels (up to 6" width) or longer labels (exceeding 4" length). The torque developed may produce a speed unsuited for some short labels less than 1 ¼ ” length. The U-60's dispensing speed is most beneficial when labels exceed 4" lengths.

Operating Instructions

  1. Pull micro switch housing "E" away from unit approximately 2 ½ " or so and turn on motor. (Handle Housing and not trigger). Move micro switch trigger back and forth with finger to observe how it turns the motor on and off. Shut motor off.
  2. If roll of labels has 3" core, install core inserts one in each side of roll - place on roll holder rod "M" at rear and tighten set collar "E" into position against core insert to hold roll and other core insert against side collar and side plate of unit.
    If roll of labels has smaller core diameter, mount first core insert on rod "M" with flange against side plate of dispenser, then place roll of labels on rod, and follow with second core insert against roll and then set collar.
  3. Pull leading edge of carrier paper web thru dispensing plate assembly (rod "C" and plate "D") and around dispensing plate "D" down toward take-up spool.
  4. About 5" of carrier paper is needed for a leader for dispensing operation. Attach leader to take up spool by pulling clip "T" off of spool and then pushing on with leader under clip - leader is now engaged.
  5. Adjust side guide "A" flush against web, with left edge of print-out web about 1/8" from side plate of dispenser.
  6. Position micro switch trigger to shut off motor just as rear of label emerges from under rod "C." You should be able to just see the end of the label. If the label is permitted to advance too far, it can fall off web or may continue down on the web without being released to contact the micro switch trigger. Adjust switch position for smooth operation of unit as labels are removed.
  7. FOR NARROW LABELS! Factory setting of the switch will not accommodate labels that are less than 1-1/4" wide. To adjust lateral switch setting, replace the 3/4" spacer with spacers as provided with the unit. To do this, remove lock nut, and back out (remove) button head screw with the small Allen wrench. Remove spacer and replace with other spacers to obtain needed position of the switch trigger and tighten assembly against side plate. Replace and tighten lock nut.
  8. Proper dispensing operation results when label releases from the carrier paper and the front edge of the label hits the trigger of the switch causing the motor to stop. In the event that the edge of the label does not hit the trigger of the switch, the direction of the label advance can be adjusted by loosening the socket head cap screw "F" with the larger Allen wrench packed with the unit and tilting the table "D" up or down until the label satisfactorily hits the trigger. Tighten screw. See Illustration 3.
    1. it is not always possible to advance the label full length. If the switch is set to advance full length and the label does not have sufficient body to activate the switch it may be necessary to shorten the label advance by moving the switch in toward the dispenser. The label is then dispensed by lifting the front edge off the trigger and lifting up slightly as it feeds out so it continues to clear switch trigger. Labels exceeding 3" in length can be dispensed in the same manner.
    2. Very thin label stock such as acetate, Mylar vinyl may not release from the carrier paper but will continue down remaining on the web. We can provide a special sharp edge dispensing plate that will usually cause these labels to release. Send us a supply of these labels and we will supply a modified sharpened table at a nominal up-charge.
    3. We can also supply a foot switch to permit operation of the dispenser without the micro-switch. The foot switch is not usually needed for computer labels or most roll labels, but may be helpful when the label format is such that it just will not activate the switch trigger, and in some situations when the foot switch creates a better affixing operation than the micro-switch. 
  10. Take care to protect trigger of micro switch from accidental bending, undue and abnormal stress and tension!
  11. WASTE CARRIER PAPER REMOVAL - The more carrier paper waste permitted to wind on the take up spool, the faster the movement of the web thru the dispenser. This may or may not be beneficial to the dispensing operation. Waste should be removed periodically as necessary. It only takes a few moments when done properly.
    1. CAUTION; we do not recommend attempting to pull out the spring clip from the take up spool when waste is wound around it. To remove the waste, rotate the roll of waste counter clockwise on the take up spool-reversing its winding direction and loosening the winding. When sufficiently loose, pull waste roll away from and off the take up spool until the spring clip is exposed and free.  Remove spring clip and balance of waste.
  12. Either unit will dispense fan-fold computer print-out label forms within its width limitation.  Place printout to rear of dispenser with label side up to feed bottom of print-out first. Last label printed is first label removed. See illustration IV. Print-out can feed over side collar.
  13. Place material to be labeled in a stack directly at front (delivery end) of machine - affix label with one hand, remove affixed piece with the other. Stack addressed material to left of stack of blank material. Keep in stack high enough to keep movement of label to a minimum.
  14. This unit is covered by a 6-month warranty which covers any manufacturing defects unconditionally. However, switch is warranted for only 90 days; and we do not warrant trouble due to neglect, abuse or improper treatment of the equipment, or failure to keep the unit clean and free from adhesives.
  15. Service - In the event service is needed, retain the shipping carton in order to return the unit.  The unit will be returned to you within 5-7 days of receipt.
  16. All service including warranty repair is done FOB, manufacturer. Call for shipping instructions.  Include a note describing the problem so we can properly make repair.

Enclosures packed with this unit -

·Allen wrenches (large for dispensing plate adjustment, small for lateral switch adjustment)

·Spacers 1/8” and ¼” for lateral switch adjustment

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