Universal Porous Coders

If you need to date or shift code cartons after packaging, Universal offers the widest variety of low cost methods to code and identify cartons as they travel out of the case sealer. Universal offers both porous and non-porous printers with messages from 9" up to 18" in lengths, and depending upon model from 1" up to 4" in height. All units use letters, numbers, and logos that can be swapped out in seconds when your message changes. Overall cost is a fraction of ink jet.

Porous coders are good up to about 400 feet per minute.  Beyond that speed it is too difficult to keep the ink roller supplied with ink. The ink roller has a tendency to throw the ink off the ink roller. We recommend looking at a non-porous ink system.

CLP = Conveyor Line Printer.

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HP200NI Porous Hand Roller Coder
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Porous Mini Coder
Porous Conveyor Line Printer