Twist tying is up to 5 times faster than hand tying and offers a consistent closure.

We offer solutions for closing bags and/or bundling wires depending upon your application, power requirements, and production levels. Optimal machines available for twist tying bags of baked goods, bread, tortillas, cookies, candy, popcorn, and even cake pops. Twist tie machines also are used for other popular products including cords, cables, fiber optics, wire harnesses, and medical tubing.

Looking to seal bags for single use? Our bag tapers are used to seal newspapers to produce bags.

A little larger? The XL-2:

In addition we found by using a Label Protection Tape Dispenser with strapping tape we were able to bundle 75 feet of coaxial cable with ease.

We also have the largest wire tie machine available for up to 8":

The XL-8

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