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AIE-300C 12" Impulse Arm Sealer 2 mil Cutter

Your Price: $172.00
AIE-300C 12" Impulse Arm Sealer 2 mil Cutter
Part Number: 115M-AIE-300C

AIE-300C 12", 2 mil Impulse Arm Sealer with Cutter

Table top impulse arm sealers provide a quick, efficient, and low cost means for sealing any type of thermoplastic or poly film materials. Sealing bags insures your products stay fresh and clean and all items in the bag make it to the customer. 

The adjustable timer allows for the different thickness in bags.  To use the sealer, place the bag across the Teflon covered heating wire, press the arm down, watch the red light turn on then off or listen to the unit cycle, continue to hold the arm down for 2 seconds after the cycle completes so the seal congeals, slide the cutter left and right to cut excess material, than raise the arm and remove the sealed bag. 


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Adjustable timer
  • Completely seals the bag
  • Sealed bags allow your customers to view the product before opening it
  • Sealers also secure all products together from you to your customer
  • Your merchandise will stay cleaner

Repair Kit: K300CB Click here to order

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