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1313L System
1313L System

AIE2432L 24" x 32" L-Bar Sealer

Your Price: $1,544.00
AIE2432L 24" x 32" L-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealer
Part Number: 115M-AIE2432L

AIE2432L 24" x 32" L-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealer

Professionally shrink wrap packages for just pennies per package with American International Electric. Simple three step operation. Enhance the appearance and value of your product, by protecting it against pilfering, dirt, dust, moisture and handling. Sturdy quality industrial construction.

Pick the style that best fits your needs.  For smaller applications, the I-Bar works well.  If quantities are larger, we recommend the L-Bar sealer for faster processing.


  • Wraps small items efficiently
  • One step sealing!
  • Versatile
  • Features:

    • Cut and seals sharp, clean and extremely fast.
    • Built in timer.
    • All steel construction for heavy duty use.
    • Adjustable film dispenser rack with smooth bearing rollers.
    • Twin perforating hole punchers and film guides.
    • Film separator and work table.

    The AIE line of L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap System provides the user the ability to produce products that have a factory-fresh clean look and feel. These L-Bar systems can create packages that are free of dust, moisture and fingerprints regardless of shape. Discourage tampering and shoplifting.

    Basic unit includes dispenser unit and shelf, sealer unit with timer for cutting and sealing wrap, and a repair kit.  Perfect for small to medium size offices and warehouses.  


    75 Gauge 500 & 2000 Ft. Rolls 6" To 36" widths.  Film Available in other Sizes, Grades, and Colors.  Email for details and prices.  

    Need Better?  Try Polyolefin Films.  Stronger and more flexible. 

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