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AirBoy nano3

Your Price: $495.00
Void Filling using the FLÖTER AirBoy nano3
Part Number: 600M-AirBoy nano3

Void Filling using the FLÖTER AirBoy nano3

Why rent? Why pay for high priced film? Why pay high prices for the razor blades? The AirBoy nano3 system is sold and you can pick the film you want. We prefer you use our film, but the reality is why be tied to one film supplier?

Individual Packaging at home or for small shipping locations needing a better solution. Free up space required for bubble wrap, peanuts, and newspapers.

Different types of films and cushion types can be produced on our low-cost AirBoy nano3. Therefore you have the best flexibility for your transport protection, even with low throughput.

With the individual temperature control, all AirWave® standard films from FLOETER can be processed.


  • Low cost starter offer
  • Air volume adjustable
  • Sealing temperature adjustable
  • Compatible with type 9.7.1 filler and type 9.8.3 wrapper
  • AirWave® cushion films - Made in Germany

AirBoy nano3 air cushion machine comes with: 

  • 1 roll air cushion chain | Type 9.7.1
  • 1 roll of air cushion mat | Type 9.8.3
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