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Airwave 1

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Void Filling using the FLÖTER AirWave 1
Part Number: 600M-Airwave 1

Void Filling using the FLÖTER AirWave 1

Are you using bulky peanuts, bubble wrap or foam to pack your cartons? Looking for an alternative void filling method? Depending on the products that you sell, air pillow void fill may be a good option for you.

AirWave introduces the next generation of air cushion machines: the AirWave 1. 

Quick, quiet, cost-efficient, connected via optional Bluetooth and modular. Light at only 11.9 lbs., the AirWave1 delivers powerful performance. It can supply up to 4 workstations with reliable air cushions. It is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into AirWave’s system technology. Whether it is small cushions, or wide pads, the AirWave1 is a top performer in all categories.

To fully utilize this machine, we recommend acquiring a bucket or container to hold air pillows, and to fill a certain amount at once. The machine is able to run for a determined amount of time. Start the machine, guide the air pillows in to your basket, and you are able to do another task while the pillows are filled. This way, you are able to do your shipping and pull the pillows when needed. As you get low, fill another cycle of pillows.

Features of your AirWave1 air cushion machine:

  • High performance and modern design
  • New ergonomic program functions
  • Lock functions
  • One-key technology
  • 4 program locations
  • Programmable power-safe mode
  • Only 11.9 lbs
  • ETL, CE and RoHS approved
  • Fast 24 – 27 ft /min.
  • Extremely quiet (approx. 60 dB)
  • Universal power supply 115-230 volts
  • Bluetooth control (optional)
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