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Airwave 2

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Void Filling using the FLÖTER AirWave 2
Part Number: 600M-Airwave 2

Void Filling using the FLÖTER AirWave 2

The evolution of air cushion machines. Fast and flexible.

There are many different packing materials like peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, newspapers, foam, and shredded paper.  Many of these methods involve a consumable product that requires a lot of precious space and handling.  With an air pillow machine the air is added at the time you need it so much less space is needed. Air cushions can either be made on demand or you can build a holder and make them up in advance.  Pull off what you need and tear the desired amount off.

The AirWave2 is the latest development resulting from thousands of installed and tested AirWave1 air cushion machines from FLOETER.

Features of your AirWave2 air cushion machine:

  • Fast air cushion production
  • Program memory for 5 film types
  • Interactive touch display
  • High-tech sealing unit
  • Quick start-up in under 1 minute
  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with AirWave1 accessories

This unit does not involve renting from the manufacturer, consumable contracts, etc. If you have your own favorite material, set the machine and start dispensing.

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