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ALMF6 Label Paster

Your Price: $3,595.00
Potdevin ALMF6 Automatic/Semi-Automatic Label Paster
Part Number: 190M-ALMF6

ALMF6 Automatic/Semi-Automatic Label Paster

The only automatic label-feeding table-top model manufactured in America. Speed up labeling operations! Stack labels in the adjustable hopper, select speed, and engage. The operator can have labels delivered on demand, or automatically. Variable speed. We recommend sending labels to the factory to ensure a good fit.

Design your own label, print & cut to size, and run through this machine. What you get is a paper label with a layer adhesive applied to the back. Stick it to your bottle for a tactile label package, the side of a cardboard box for advertising in transit, or point-of-sale displays. You can create simple labels in microsoft word, or go all out with Photoshop. With these automatic label pasters, you can do just about anything label-wise.

3 phase and 220v motors are not available for these machines.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic or semi-automatic operation
  • Multiple operators per machine
  • Extremely fast


  • Belt Driven
  • Detachable Cast Iron Glue Pot
  • Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Variable Speed Control Motor
  • Auto/Semi-Auto Feeder
  • 115v, 60 Hz

Made in USA

Potdevin offers glue for their label dispensers. Click the bottle for more info.

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

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