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Smaller Kit pictured.
Smaller Kit pictured.

BCD-24 Duplexing System

Your Price: $195.00
24 inch duplexing system is used to glue two piece of paper or card stock together to create thicker stock for invitations or business cards
Part Number: 125M-BCD-24

BCD-24 Sheet Duplexing Kit

24" x 36" Alignment Board with adjustable magnetized corner brackets, and a 24" x 36" weighted board.  

The kit allows the operator a way to align the glued sheet with the plain sheet.  After using the Adjutant Press to press the bubbles and wrinkles out, the weighted board is used to keep the glued sheets from warping during the drying period.

Click for the Colonel Gluers or the Adjutant Presses.

Due to the low price and size of this item, the Duplexing Kits are not included in the free shipping.

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