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Better Pack BP555eSA

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With the most advanced moistening system, you are assured of a strong, safe carton closure with the minimum amount of tape. Only one piece top and bottom to seal the box!
Part Number: 123M-BP555e

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BP555eSA Tape Dispenser

Note as of September 18, 2020:  The BP555e machines are all on back-order with expected ship times of over 9 weeks.

With color coded selective measuring lengths, and the most advanced moistening system, you are assured of a strong, safe carton closure with the minimum amount of tape. The BP555eSA is used for applications requiring automatic dispensing of long pieces of Kraft gummed paper and reinforced tapes with programmable hands free operation, two repeat keys, and ultimate connectivity to peripheral devices via the unique serial port.

"More per foot, less per box" is really what it's all about. Gummed reinforced tape cost more per foot, yet your packers will use less per box by only using one strip on the top and one strip on the bottom to seal the carton. Additional benefits include a more secure seal, less time to construct and close the carton, and, unlike tape guns, it's virtually impossible to lose a tape machine. The electronic models dispense Kraft gummed paper and reinforced tapes at the touch of a button.

The BP555eSA replaces all of the previous Better Pack BP555, BP556 Robot, and the BP554 models allowing the operator to get up to three different lengths of tape automatically as each piece is taken. How about a tape dispenser with future expansion? The BP555eSA allows you to add external devices to automatically dispense gummed tape. The AMD will automatically determine the amount of tape required to seal the box and connects to a computer through the patented serial port. You can bet the  BP555 offers more options and features than any other model on the market.

This unit handles reinforced and paper gummed tapes from 1 ½" to 3" wide.  Select lengths from 6" up to 45" in 3" increments, a doubler key, two repeat keys, a random key, a "+" and "-" 1 cm keys, and an "A" key.  The A key allows the operator to program from 1 to 3 lengths to dispense consecutively with the operator taking one piece and the next one dispenses in sequence. This feature is great for automatically dispensing an H-seal.

Key Benefits:

  • Triple Brush Moistening
  • 24v Adjustable Top heater
  • Random Length Button up to 120"
  • Fully Electronic Operation
  • Meets or Exceeds FCC, UL, CE and CSA (CUL) Regulatory Requirements
  • Self Cleaning Cutting Shears

We sell, service and carry a full line of replacement parts of all makes and models. Have questions or concerns about carton sealing? Pick up the phone and call us at 770-554-1187 from 8:30 am to 5 pm EST Monday - Friday. When you call Pro Pack Solutions, you speak to a person right away. No automated phone systems!

Triple brush moistening and patented top heater delivers hot tape giving you foolproof adhesion that actually laminates the tape to the carton. Only with hot tape can you be sure that all the tape's hard, dry glue is reactivated in the split second it takes to dispense it.  Hot tape is "alive."  It hugs the Kraft of the carton to form an inseparable bond even if it is not carefully rubbed down by the packer. The top heater heats the tips of the brushes where the tape passes over for "zone" heating. 

Improve your speed, efficiency, placement and performance with the available optional equipment: 

AMD - Saves Tape the Automatic Measuring Device

CodeTapers - Prints date/shift/lot/product id.

Tape Aerial - For Speed/Placement

Foot Pedal - Efficiency/Hands Free 

If you need a model that dispenses tape up to 4" in width, see the BP755eS.  

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