BP333 Support Page

Gummed Tape Dispenser BP333

Pro Pack Solutions offers a few links above for tape feeding and a picture parts list. The Better Pack 333 was created during the 1960's to replace the more expensive TapeShooter 100. Over the years several design changes occurred with the construction changing from cast iron parts over to plastic as well as the color from a brownish yellowish to gray. If you have any questions regarding what parts you need, we encourage you to contact us so that we may better assist you.

All parts are available online with pictures and prices. Follow the Parts category to Better Packages, then select the model machine.

If after you purchase parts you decide you prefer to send the machine in and have our service department repair it, pack the machine (assembled or disassembled) into a box with the parts and send it in.

For our customers we also offer technical service with live video. We have posted videos regarding set up, maintenance, and some service procedures on the BP333 product page, and our YouTube channel ProPackSolutions.

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