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CN-4520A Heat Shrink Tunnel

Your Price: $2,295.00
CN-4520A Heat Shrink Tunnel
Part Number: 161M-CN-4520A

Model CN-4520A Heat Shrink Tunnel

Need to shink film on your packages and need a more automated way to shrink the film?  Sealer Sales offers the CN-4520A with an adjustable speed conveyor that allows the user to operate at speeds up to 20 feet per minute.  This unit works with PVC, POF, and PP films.  Place your item on the belt and the shrink tunnel once adjusted makes perfectly sealed packages.

The unit comes with two separate temperature controllers to independently control the upper and lower heaters.  The tunnel is heated on all four sides by ten ceramic replaceable electric heating tubes.  The heat tunnel can be used as a table top or attached to a stand for a free standing unit.  The machine includes a stand and castors allowing the operator to easily move the machine around your facility as needed.  

The CN-4520A operates on 220 volt single phase power supply.  Maximum temperature of the unit is 200 degree Celsius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Designed for continuous usage for PVC, POF, and PP films.
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces your labor
  • Used in a variety of products including food, toys, cosmetics, videos, magazines, and electronics.

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