Conveyors or not?

Some shipping departments have products and shipments spread all over the place. Over the years we have been in numerous shipping departments. Some good, some bad. Do you run your packing and shipping department as a cost center or a profit generator?

We consider conveyor to be one of the best investments for a shipping department.  Everytime an employee picks up an order and puts it down, moves it from one location to another, you spend money.  Each time the packer has to stop, examine, determine, and place products or boxes somewhere else, you spend valuable resources!  Conveyors take products to destinations without the repeated expense of labor.

If possible, utilize conveyors in two areas.  One gravity fed conveyor for bringing product (in totes) to the packaging benches, the second (motorized) for taking the product to the shipping scale or shipping dock.  Conveyors running parallel on either side of the packing benches prevent packers from too much running back and forth.  Some shipping departments also run a short piece of conveyor in front of the packing bench to avoid unnecessary lifting of the parcels.

To get more insight into conveyors, contact a conveyor specialist or a packaging consultant.  We do not sell or service conveyors due to the expertise required in individual applications.

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