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  • Machine Machine
    Cut messages into oilboard. Oilboard is used to print the message repeatedly on different surfaces like boxes, crates, and pipes using spray inks or an applicator.
  • Oil Board Oil Board
    Used in stencil machines to cut messages for repeatedly coding surfaces. The board is soaked with oil to resist ink.
  • Inks Inks
    Porous and Non-Porous inks for stenciling. RolMark and K-Stencil.
  • Applicators Applicators
    Used with ink and oilboard to print messages on pipes, walls, crates, boxes and other surfaces.
  • Applicator Rollers Applicator Rollers
    Purchase replacement rollers for Marsh stencil-applicator rollers.
  • POGO Printer POGO Printer
    Low cost method for identifying or addressing cartons on a pallet by hand. Create stencils with pencils.
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