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Deluxe Model 1700 Label Dispenser

Your Price: $54.99
Deluxe Model 1700 Label Dispenser
Part Number: 130M-1700

Deluxe Model 1700 - Over Stock

Multi-Roll Wall Mounted Label Dispenser

18" Wide, Versatile. Handles both 1" and 3" cores.

Key Benefits

Individual roll replacement

Easy to use

Max outside diameter or roll is ~5 1/2 inches. This machine is great if you use multiple smaller rolls of labels.  

Wall mounted 18" unit with stripper bars holds up to 5 rolls of labels on 1" or 3" cores on a pair of support arms. Operators are able to replace individual rolls without affecting other rolls. All metal construction.

Sales limited to quantity on hand. These are no longer in production. What we have is all that is left.


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