Dispensamatic is a manufacturer of Label Dispensers, Applicators, and Rewinders located in Rocky Mount, MO.

These machines are Made in The USA! Featuring the popular U-series and DM-series label dispensers; Bottle-Matic (round bottles), Flex+Matic (flat/bag), and Flat-Matic (small boxes) label applicators; the Rewind-O-Matic label rewinder; DML and Simple Simon manual label dispensers. 

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These machines are designed to operate with die-cut labels. Do you have Butt-Cut or Die-Cut Labels? If you have a gap between labels, you have die-cut. These machines are fitted for a 1/8" gap between labels. 

Label Dispensers

Semi-Automatic "Pick and Stick" Dispensers

The U-Series semi-automatic label dispensers are designed to "present" a label to the operator. These are Dispensa-Matic's most popular, everyday label dispenser. Pick off the label, and the machine will cycle the next label into place. If you're looking for a solution to increase the speed of your labeling operation, this is a good solution for you. This machine is ideal for moderate to high volume labeling operations, but many have used these machines for a wide variety of jobs.

If you have an odd shaped container or product that a label needs to be placed on, this may be the most cost effective and readily available solution if label applicators are not a good fit or are too expensive. Just having the label presented to the operator - instead of picking up the roll, picking off a label, and setting down the roll - can greatly improve the speed of your operation.


For labels up to 2 1/2" wide.

Micro-Switch or Photo Eye


For labels up to 4 1/2" wide.

Micro-switch or Photo Eye

High speed (photo eye) model available


For labels up to 6" wide.

Micro-Switch or Photo Eye

Our semi-automatic label dispensers are up to 5 times faster. How? It's what we call "Pick and Stick". The machine presents the label to the operator, they pick it off the machine, and stick it. While the operator applies it, the next one is fed out into position for fast removal. Which is faster?

  • Pick, pick, pick, stick, stick, stick
  • Pick and stick, pick and stick, pick and stick, or
  • Find the roll, follow the liner to the next label, pick label off liner, and stick, x3.

You can send a roll of your labels - partials rolls will suffice - and we will test them in our equipment to find the best solution and offer a live video demo. We do live video demos or record a video and email the results. We want to sell you the right piece of equipment that will work for you.

Dispensa-Matic (DM) II

DM-series dispensers are for extra wide (+6") labels. They are available in three widths: 6-II, 10-II, 16-II. There is no rewinding function for the waste liner on this machine. So, we recommend running this machine on a table with a trash can below for the waste liner to collect in.

Manual Label Dispensers

Low cost. Simple. To the point. Dispensa-matic's manual label dispensers are just what you need to improve your labeling operation without breaking the bank. These dispensers are generally under $100. The label liner is weaved through 2 or 3 bars, and when the liner is pulled through, the label juts off the liner onto the spring. Each time you need a label, just pull the liner to dispense one or more.

Simple Simon

4" or 6"

All metal table top unit. Simple construction and build to last.

DML Dispenser

4 1/2", 8 1/2", 12 1/2"

Wider models for a combined roll width of up to 12 1/2". Label sits on spring due to angle of stripper plate.

Label Applicators

Round Product Label Applicators - Bottles, Jars, Cans, Containers, & More

The Bottle-Matic is a round product label applicator that is manufactured in The USA. There are a couple different iterations of the machines. First, there are two widths: 10 & 16 inches. If you're labeling wine bottles, we recommend the 16 inch. If you're labeling 30-120 mL dropper bottles, we recommend the 10 inch. Second, there is a single or double (front and back, "-II") label model. If you are doing a single or wrap around label, the single-sided model is sufficient. If you are doing a front and back label - two separate labels - you need the "-II" version.

So, there is the Bottle-Matic 10, Bottle-Matic 10-II, Bottle-Matic 16, & Bottle-Matic 16-II.

For example, if you are labeling a wine bottle, with a front and back label, we recommend the Bottle-Matic 16-II. If you are labeling a 30 mL dropper bottle, with a single wrap around label, we recommend the Bottle-Matic 10.

The Bottle-Matic OS (Optical Sensor)

If you have a label that is thinner than 3 mil, or are labeling a tapered container, you may need the Bottle-Matic OS. This machine was designed to compensate for thin labels. Some labels are not able to actuate the microswitch on the standard Bottle-Matic. There isn't enough "body" to the label, and this causes the machine to spit out label after label. The OS model detects the gap between the labels. So, this machine is able to handle thin labels. Additionally, there is an improved front roller that is "infinitely" adjustable to allow for a wider range of tapered containers. We strongly recommend sending us samples for testing if you have a tapered container, and just in general.


Apply labels to flat bags and objects that are up to 1/4 inches thick.

Labeling paper or poly bags, CD cases, envelopes, or other flat item? The Flex+Matic can apply labels to them. The machine has a delay function that enables you to apply a label almost anywhere on the bag on a consistent basis. It is important to note that the machine cannot apply labels to the first inch of the bag. It takes about that long before the machine can start to apply the label. However, one can feed the bag in upside down if you need the label close to the bottom of the bag. Samples are necessary to determine if the machine will work properly. Call or email for specifics. The Flex+Matic is offered in an OS (Optical Switch) version to help dispense labels thinner than 2-3 mils.


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Are you a label manufacturer? Do you have a customer needing a dispenser? Send them to our site. WE DON'T SELL LABELS! For best solution, we prefer to get a sample of the label to test. Email by clicking here.

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