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DPC50 "I" Bar Clam Shell Sealer

Your Price: $695.00
DPC50 Multi-point "I" Bar Clam Shell Sealer
Part Number: 150M-00I2

Clam Shell Sealing DPC-50 Multi-Point

New and Improved!

Table top "I" bar clam shell sealer is a constant heat sealer with two sealing heads.  When sealing clam shells the operator takes the unit and inserts the edge of the clam shell into the jaws and pushes down on the handle.  After 2 or 3 seconds the clam shell will melt together and form a seal. Seals 1-3 spots at the same time. 

Heavy duty sealer seals or "welds" OPS, PSP, PVC, EPS cases and is ideal for clam shells.

This constant heat device is standard with high and low settings.  High impact plastic housing with maintenance free Teflon coated sealing surfaces on the jaws. If you need more sealing spots just add additional sets of sealing jaws. The sturdy base is made of high quality aluminum.

Need to seal only one spot at a time? Click here for the hand held DPC-10.

Need to seal 6 spots on three or four sides? Click here for the DPC-100.

We recommend sending in samples of your clam shells for testing.  Not all clam shells will seal properly.  We offer live video demonstrations with your shells via Skype or FaceTime.


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