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Empty 4 oz Reservoir Ink Bottle

Your Price: $3.60
Empty 4 oz Reservoir Ink Bottle
Part Number: 108C-IU-CE4
Quantity Price
100+ $3.24

Universal 4 oz. Reservoir Ink Cartridges are specially designed cartridges designed for use with our fixed mount coders. These cartridges feature a roller ball tip which, when installed on a coder, rides against the surface of the ink roll and applies a thin film of ink to the roll during coder operation. These patented, disposable, cartridges  can be filled with your special ink formulations. 

To use the 4 oz bottles your coder will need to be equipped with a special cover over the ink roller.  Call for details.

All 4 oz reservoir bottles are a one time use.

Quantity discounts apply on case quantities. 

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