Wondering How Inkjet Printing Works? Here’s the answer!

Printers were invented in 220 AD and since then they have undergone massive innovation. Although made for carrying out simple and basic functions, now with the advent of technology they are used for many other tasks such as printing labels, bar codes, among other things. Many top tier companies are now getting their hands into handheld printers too. And all of this is possible because of Inkjet Printing.

And this is why, in this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about inkjet printing from how it works to how it is useful for commercial businesses. 

But first, let's find out what inkjet printers are:

What is an inkjet printer?

  • An inkjet printer is a type of non-impact printer. A non-impact printer is one in which a ribbon is not struck or hit on paper. There is no use of mechanical moving components.
  • Inkjet printers print characters and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink on paper.

Components of an inkjet printer

  • Print head

Print heads are the core component of inkjet printers. Their job is to systematically spray ink on paper by creating images and texts. They determine the quality and resolution of printed pictures according to their number and size, a series of nozzles help print head in this task.

  • Ink Cartridge

It is a component of inkjet printer which stores the ink that is deposited on the paper. It is a replaceable component. Many people confuse ink cartridges with a print head. The difference is that ink cartridge stores while print head distributes ink.

  • Output tray

An output tray is used to store and receive all printed paper.

  • Stepper motor

When the print head is distributing ink on paper, the stepper motor moves it back and forth across the paper.

How does the Inkjet printer work?

  • The majority of functions are performed by nozzles. Print head contains thousands of tiny resistors wherein ink is fed. Tiny resistors heat the ink and convert it into bubbles. This bubble drives forward the droplets through a microscopic nozzle on the page. These nozzles form dots that form lines and characters. 
  • In inkjet printers, 300-600 nozzles are present. The size of nozzles varies from 35 micrometers to 70 micrometers, hence making them well suited for micro-printing. They are highly efficient and have a speed of 30 pages per minute with a resolution of 1,400 dots per inch.
  • Nozzles are covered by a large-cap just after the completion of operation so that ink doesn't dry out.

How to clean nozzles?

  • When a printer is not used for a long time, it can cause the ink to dry and nozzles might clog. Clogged nozzles can be cleared by treating it with some isopropyl alcohol. Certain kits are used to force isopropyl alcohol through the nozzles. Syringes might also be used to force. That must be done with proper precaution
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to keep your printer running smoothly. Other than this, operating your printer once in a while will reduce the chances of clogging 

Advantages of Inkjet printing

Image Quality and Color

  • The main reason for selecting an inkjet printer over other printers is the quality provided by them. These are preferred for high-resolution printing which is as high as 1400 dots per inch. Dots per inch represents printed dots and space between them and is the most familiar measure of resolution. 
  • They print quality text and graphics in both black and white and color included photos. Color of the image provided is vivid and bright. Exceptional tone and shade can be seen.

Low cost

  • As a buyer, your first preference must be price. And fortunately, you don’t have to compromise with money in case of inkjet printers. They provide better quality with good value for money. 
  • The cost of inkjet printer cartridges is quite low. So if you want to refill it, you don’t have to give a second thought. These are preferred mostly in industries as they provide better quality printing at a relatively lower cost.

Easy to use and reasonably fast

  • They can be used even by students for various purposes like printing photos and making projects. These printers provide better color with not so complicated operation.
  • They are reasonably fast with the capacity of printing 20-30 papers per minute. It is because they take little to no warm-up time and start providing printed documents as soon as you operate them.

Way quieter than dot-matrix printers

  • One more reason to buy these printers is their quietness. Dot-matrix printers are a type of impact printer which uses a ribbon or hammer to produce dots. Ribbon strikes on the surface to make dots. A noise comes from the striking ribbon on the paper surface.


  • Are you concerned about the space that the printer will take? Then inkjet printers are for you. They are much more compact and easy to use as compared to the laser printer.

The benefits of Inkjet Printer in Business

One question that strikes the mind of businessmen before buying an industrial printer is, “Would these be efficient and cheap at the same time?” Well, the answer is Inkjet printers have proved their significance in increasing the productivity of commercial businesses.

  • You may need printers for date coding in your business. Inkjet Printers are pretty useful for this work. They require very less set-up time and hence, the jobs can be done in relatively less time.
  • You would need to put barcodes, expiration dates, or QR codes on products manufactured by your company. These total solution printers would help you in doing the same. 
  • There are several other uses of Inkjet printers as well. You can visit this page and see the different tasks you could utilise these printers for.
  • Now, several tasks such as printing banners, hoardings, etc could be done in very less time using inkjet printers. You can utilize the saved time for some other task. And this will make you more efficient than your competitors.

Parting Notes

We hope this article helped impart some knowledge about Inkjet Printers. Now if you are interested in buying inkjet printers, or any other packing equipments, you can visit our website. Give us a chance to serve you. And if you have any questions reach out to our friendly customer service executives. We’ll be happy to help you! 

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