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IW100 shown with Round Tip.
IW100 shown with Round Tip.

Inkwell Marking System

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Inkwell Marking System SpeedMarker with Chisel Point Felt Tip
Part Number: 108M-IW-100

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IW-100 Inkwell Marking System

The IW-100 Inkwell Marking System includes an SPM-10 capillary speedmarker and a unique 8 oz. glass reservoir base which serves as both a marker stand and an automatic re-inking system. When the marker is placed in the base, capillary action draws ink from the felt disks inside the reservoir base into the marker barrel keeping the marker refilled at all times. This system is perfect for the shipping room or warehouse where high volume marking operations are performed.

Pick your choice of tip, round or chisel. Replacement felt tips are packaged in quantities of one dozen per package. For replacement tips order the SPM-20 for Round Tips or SPM-40 for Chisel Tips.

Ink sold separately.

Model Description
108M-IW100R Ink Well System with Round Point
108M-IW100C Ink Well System with Chisel Point
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