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M99 Refillable Marker

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Marsh M99 Refillable Marker
Part Number: 180M-M99

Marsh 99 Marker

Great for applications where you use a lot of ink. These markers are valve actuated. So, even if the cap is accidentally left off, the marker will not totally dry out. When the marking gets too light, simply press down and allow more ink to flow to the tip. One round tip comes standard with the purchase of a marker. For light usage, the cap should be left on to preserve the marking tip. The main ink supply is stored independently from the tip behind an actuating valve.

  • We recommend Marsh's highest quality Marsh M99 pigmented (black) Ink. K inks may also be used.

  • Valve actuated tip prevents ink dry out; eliminates wasted ink!

  • Capacity: 15 mL (About 1/2 fl oz)

  • You can use RolMark Solvent for clean up.

Replacement Tips:

Round click: 4-Pack or by the Dozen

Chisel click: 4-Pack or by the Dozen

Manufactured from aluminum offering a long life solution to your marking needs.

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