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Manual L-Clip Tape Applicator

Your Price: $712.00
Part Number: 120M-C25

Manual L-Clip Tape Applicator/Sealer

Slide your mailer type box across the top of this unit and apply a strip of 3/4" tape on the bottom and trailing panel to seal your carton closed.  The tape is applied in a "L".


  • Applies a length of tape from the side to the bottom of a box creating a secure and economical closure.
  • Perfect for food packaging, pharmaceutical, medical, bakery, parts and for sealing of chipboard boxes and corrugated cartons.
  • Designed for most tapes up to 3/4 inch wide including filament tapes.
  • Can feed up to 4 1/2 inch of tape for a secure closure.
  • Simply push the box along the stainless steel top of the C25 and tape is applied where needed.
  • Can be flush mounted into standard or roller tables for easier and faster seal.
  • Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for long and reliable life.
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