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MSSC Smart-Jet Blue Ink Jet Printer

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Print lot numbers, date codes, logos and more on your products with the Smart Jet BLUE ink jet printer
Part Number: 180M-80000-BLUE
Feature: Free Design Software - Create messages of any font type and size within 1 message, then send to printer via USB drive.
Feature: Connect up to 4 printers from 1 PC

Smart-Jet® Blue Ink Jet Printer

One of the most powerful, compact printer on the market today for date coding your products. Add high resolution expiration dates, bar codes, lot numbers, etc? The Smart-Jet® Plus Blue ink jet printer can be adapted to label dispensers, label applicators, motorized conveyor lines, and case sealers and be programmed either by a wireless keyboard, tablet, or smart phone.

Available Print Heights
 1 Line  12.7 mm  1/2 in
   8.0 mm  5/16 in
 2 Line  5.92 mm  15/64 in
 3 Line  3.89 mm  5/32 in
 4 Line  2.54 mm  3/32 in
 5 Line  1.69 mm  1/16 in

12.7 mm and 8.0 mm print height can only print a single line of text. All other heights can print single lines OR multiple lines of corresponding height. If you select "5 Line", you can print just a single line. Another way of thinking about it is when one selects the number of lines, you're also selecting your print height.

Bluetooth technology puts coding control in the palm of your hand.  MSSC Smart-Jet Blue Inkjet Printers are compact and reliable and can be controlled wirelessly, with no router needed, via Bluetooth technology. This power house coder prints on porous and non-porous surfaces and can print bar codes, QR codes and logos. A large display screen makes it easy to read and simple to operate.

We recommend calling us to make sure you are getting the right system and the right type of ink cartridge based on the surface you are printing on.  If you need a live demo, we will FaceTime or Skype!

Compact and Smart Design

  • The most compact size in the industry
  • Control printer via Bluetooth with Android smart phones and tablets. Not compatible with iOS devices
  • Anti-shock mounting for smooth and high-quality printing even with box irregularities.
  • Stand alone operation with wireless keyboard.
  • Plug and print Hewlett Packard TIJ 2.5 inkjet technology
  • 300 dpi @ 76 m/min with throw distance up to 0.25 in (6 mm)!
  • Bluetooth connection via Android smartphones and tablets.
  • USB 2.0 connection to print database information.
  • Built-in photo sensor and Aux I/O port for external sensor, encoder, and/or alarm kit.


  • One to six lines of print
  • Large, color screen rotates with printer
  • PC and smart phone connectivity with Smart-Jet Blue software and app
  • Control printer via Bluetooth with smart phones and tablets using Android operating systems for real time reporting
  • Prints on both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • No moving parts and maintenance-free
  • High-resolution characters (150 per line)
  • Plug and print with HP 2.5 cartridge technology
  • Prints high-quality bar codes, QR codes, up to 4 logos
  • Anti-shock mounting mechanism adjusts to irregularities in box for consistently smooth and high-quality printing results
  • PC capability and connection via USB allows you to print database information
  • Dynamic bar codes can create a unique number for each individual product
  • Stand alone operation with wireless keyboard
  • Nozzle switching and self-cleaning capabilities to extend cartridge lifetime
  • Store up to 100 messages on printer’s memory
  • Password protected

Smart-Jet® Plus offers a wireless keyboard and larger display screen. Porous and non-porous cartridges sold separately. Smartphones and tablets using Android devices sold separately.

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