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Non-Porous Conveyor Line Printer

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Non-Porous Conveyor Line Printer
Part Number: 108M-CLP

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Large Non-Porous CLP Coders

Are you printing the same information on your cartons, but need a lower cost alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems?

Built Tough!

Universal Non-Porous Conveyor Line Printers provide the ultimate in low maintenance printing on all types of non-porous materials. Unmatched in quality and performance, these printers have completely eliminated the problems associated with the use of fast drying inks. The revolutionary design of their patented Non-Porous Inking System prevents solvent evaporation from the ink roll and enables the use of inks that dry as fast as 2 seconds at 75 degree °F ambient temperatures.

A patented disposable Reservoir Ink Cartridge is used to recharge the ink roll automatically on-demand during the printing operation. These coders are compatible with a variety of alcohol base inks, in both dye and pigmented formulations, including Mil Spec Stencil Inks. The Non-Porous Conveyor Line Printer has an 18 inch circumference print drum. Models are available in both indexing & non-indexing styles. Top Mount configurations are used for printing on horizontal surfaces, such as continuous web materials, and side mount configurations are used primarily for printing on the sides of cartons or other vertical surfaces. These coders are ideal for printing on plastic, metal, rubber, glass, waxed or varnished cartons. Simple construction, and built to last years. Reinkable ink roller shown below right.

For your letters and numbers click here.  We also do custom mats.  Call or email for details.

Mounting Configurations:

The Non-Porous CLP Coders are available in 1" and 2" print width models in both Top and Side Mount Configurations. The model shown in the above photo is a Right Hand Top Mount configuration which would be used to print on a horizontal surface such as a moving web of material. Side mount configurations differ only in the location of the port for the 4 Oz. Reservoir Ink Cartridges. These coders can be field converted from Right Side to Left Side or Right Top to Left Top, but the Inking System Covers are specifically machined for Top or Side mounting only.

Indexing Models are used to print on varnished cartons, or other individual products, which are typically being transported on a conveyor. In these applications, as the print drum disengages from the trailing end of the product, a spring mechanism returns the print drum to the index position. This results in the code being printed on each carton in the same registered position relative to the leading edge.  Net weight 11 lbs. 5 oz. (5.13 KG). Ink roller sold seperately.

Replacement Ink Rollers:

1" XF Neoprene Ink Roller (Dry) Item #108C-NPXC1  
1" Black MT Ink Roll Item #108C-NPMT1P1 


When ordering please advise if you need left or right hand, top or side.


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