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Noris #196 Reconditioner

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Part Number: 105C-19056-04

Noris #196, #199, #433, #131 Thinner / Cleaner / Reconditioner 4 oz Bottle

#196 Cleaner/Thinner* aids clean-up and helps rejuvenate your ink pad if it dries. It is formulated with the same solvent system as the ink, but eliminates the color, making it a great cleaner for your equipment and for removing #196 ink from surfaces. Thinner can also be applied to a stamp pad in order to rejuvenate and re-moisten it after it has dried. This is especially helpful for fast drying inks.  

* Cleaner/Thinner is identical for the following inks: #196, #199, #433, #131.

Notes on Cleaners / Thinners:

  • Each ink has its own thinner that is formulated to the solvents in that specific ink. For best results use only the thinner specifically formulated for the ink you are using.
  • "Thinner," "Re-activator", and "Conditioner" are all terms commonly used to refer to this product.
SDS & Compliance Information:  find on norisusa.com

Inks are not included with our free shipping. This ink solvent is considered a hazardous ink and can only be shipped by ground.  If you need it expedited call our office for more info.

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