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PACKER 3S with Gummed Tape

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Retail Price:$199.00
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Total solution for Mom and Pop shipping operations using the PACKER 3S Pull and Tear Tape Dispenser with Tape.
Part Number: 123M-PACKER3STS

Better Packages Packer® 3S Total Solution

Our Total Solution Is Your Low Cost Starter Pack For Gummed Tape!

Are you a home based business? Do you only ship a few packages a week but want something stronger than scotch tape or thin 2" pvc tape to seal your boxes? The Packer 3S uses up to 3" wide Kraft gummed reinforced tape. When dispensed and moistened with the Packer 3S, the tape creates a bond with the carton flaps to give a strong seal with only one piece of tape.

The Packer 3S is safe, simple, and easy to use. Pull the amount you need, and pull the tape against the cutter blade to tear it off. The unique "subway feed" provides uniform tension to aid in tape moistening and ease of operation. Gummed tape sticks best when applied directly to carton surfaces. We recommend removing any plastic tape to allow the glues from the tape to penetrate the carton fibers. Recommended for economy grade reinforced tape, 1 - 3 inches wide, up to 600 foot, not exceeding 7.5 inches in diameter, rolls.

Best Pull & Tear model P3S

Total solution includes the Packer3S and one case of the K8066 233 Central Brand Gummed Tape 8 rolls of 70mm x 375'.  Free shipping is not included due to the tape.


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