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Phoenix E-1

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Retail Price:$1,075.00
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Phoenix E-1 - Electronic Gummed Tape Dispenser
Part Number: 175M-00E1

Phoenix E-1 Gummed Tape Dispenser

Special offer: The manufacturer is offering a $100 rebate on the E1 and E4. We have programmed the cart to automatically apply the rebate in the shopping cart.

Kraft paper reinforced gummed tape is the best solution to closing and sealing boxes. A basic machine with all the needed functionality for pushing a button and get a piece of tape. The keypad offers 6" up to 45" in three inch increments. The tape is moistened perfectly with the triple brush moistening and top heater. 

Why use multiple strips of plastic tape? One piece of water activated tape is all you need. If you are pricing the tape by the foot, don't forget to factor the extra pieces your operators use to seal the carton. With triple brush moistening system, the dried tape glues are instantly reactivated for bonding to the cartons flaps.  In addition to the triple brushes, the E-1 uses adjustable water level, weights, and top heater. 

A gummed tape machine is a staple for every packing and shipping department!


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