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The Phoenix E4! 

The Phoenix E-4  Evolution built with the professional packager in mind, McDonald was the first to introduce a fully PCB driven taper to the market. Now, McDonald Machine Company introduces the first custom incremental length unit with a built in photo-eye, hand scanner connect-ability, and digital read out.  The most advanced gummed tape machine available.

  • Built in the USA 
  • Program custom lengths
  • Evolution printers add-on
  • Handheld sensor integration
  • Photo eye for hands free  tape dispensing
  • 1 touch custom preset lengths
The manufacturer is offering a $100 rebate on the E1 and the E4 until June 1. Rebate will automatically be added in the shopping cart upon purchase.

The standard model E-1 offers multiple lengths of tape from 6" up to 45" in 3" increments.  The innovative use of the electronic "eye" on the E-2 model offer hands free operation and dispense tape ONLY when the operator needs it.  This avoids the problem of tape drying out when it "hangs" too long.

Support Documents for the E series:

No power?  No problem, see the M-1 here.  The M-2 incorporates triple brush moistening and a top heater on a manual machine. 

Gummed tape offers the best looking packages when you customer receives his/her shipment.  It pays to make sure your image is at its' best!  Phoenix does not offer a tape printer directly but the CodeTaper printer by Better Packages piggybacks both the manual and electric models.

Support Documents for the M series:

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