Plastic Tape not Sticking to the Box? Do boxes open during shipment?

Thought the carton was sealed?  Tape pops off the carton with minimal force?  Is your environment dirty or dusty?  Dust inhibits poly tapes from sticking to the carton surface.  With Gummed tape the dust is absorbed and tape still sticks! 

Do a test.  Take your cartons sealed with poly tape and "tap" or "pop" the flaps.  If the tape separates from the flap, you are subjecting your products to loss and/or theft.

Extreme temperature changes also affect poly tapes.  A little heat will cause tape to separate from the box!  Some poly tapes are also time sensitive.  The longer a carton sits on the shelf, the more possible the tape will break down.

Gummed reinforced tape is not affected by cold or heat and keeps the box securely closed for years. Check out "Benefits of gummed tape".

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