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Poly Tie-Matic HD38

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Retail Price:$2,695.00
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Optimal for twist tying bags of baked goods, bread, tortillas, cookies, candy, popcorn, and even cake pops. The Tie-Matic twist-ties lots of other popular products, however, including cords, cables, fiber optics, wire harnesses, and medical tubing.
Part Number: 185M-HD38-POLY

Poly Tie-Matic Twist Tie Machine for up to 3/8" diameter.

For Bakeries where metal detectors are used to ensure metal free products.

Poly Tie-Matic uses a wire-free, non-metal twist ties to create a re-closable seal on poly bags; while ensuring product safety.  Ideal for the baked goods & food products industry, the Poly Tie-Matic HD38 provides a plastic core closure with a colorful twist. Engineered to apply 3 1/2 twists per closure, the Poly Tie-Matic HD38 provides speeds up to 5 times faster than manual twist tying. Our portable and durable Poly Tie-Matic machines produce secure and consistent closures with ease. 


  • Aids Production - Non-metal twist ties pass easily through food facility metal detectors
  • 1 Step Process - Secures your product with multiple twists in one go
  • Secure Ties - Increases shelf life & seals out unwanted elements
  • Labor Saving - Up to 5X Faster than hand-tying
  • Consumer Friendly - Provides reusable ties that are easy to open and close
  • Employee Friendly - Easy to use & helps reduce repetitive motion injuries
  • Enhanced Engineering - designed for flexible packaging with speed & safety


How it works:

The Poly Tie-Matic HD38 Twist Tying Machine is manufactured in the USA and made of a durable, all-metal frame. Poly HD38 is designed to wrap and twist tie material to close bags, bundle products and secure wire and cables using a non-metallic material. Semi-automatic operation can deliver up to 60 tied bags or bundles per minute with minimal effort. Insert the bundle at the throat to trigger the tying mechanism and get a perfectly twist-tied product. All bundles and bags are secured with 3 1/2 full twists of tie material. The Production Counter tracks usage and accountability for the upkeep of daily quotas.


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