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125C-DNG61-302 - Poster
125C-DNG61-302 - Poster

Poster Dot'n'Go Glue Dots

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Poster Dot'n'Go Glue Dots
Part Number: 125C-DNG61-302
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3 - 9 $3.99
10+ $3.68

Single Use Dot n Go Glue Dots Dispenser.

A great substitute for plastic adhesive tapes!

A low cost convenient dispenser that easily fits in your desk drawer. Lightweight, durable, portable, easy to use. Scoot along and apply as many dots as you need. Great for moms and school teachers too.

  • Each dispenser contains 200 dots
  • 3/8 diameter
  • 1/64th inch thick
  • Poster - 125C-DNG61-302

    This offers the high shear strength needed to attach posters to walls without damaging paint.

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