1. RP1712 Moistening Brush

RP1712 Moistening Brush

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Moistening Brush
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RP1712 Moistening Brush - Discontinued

Time for a new machine.  Check out the Marsh TD2100 TDH, click here. 

This brush is available in limited quantities. The manufacturer no longer offers this brush, but we still have some at our warehouse. Please call (770) 554-1187 for current availability. Fits Marsh brand machines including the Electra, Ultra, 4BT, 5HT and all other machines previous to the year 2000.

Make sure to clean the moistening brush weekly with Dawn or Ivory dish washing detergent.  Avoid using soaps that contain hand softeners as they usually contain oil.  Replace the brush every 2-5 years for best results.

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