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Smart-Jet DL200

Your Price: $2,995.00
The Smart-Jet DL200 thermal ink jet coder is designed for use on your conveyor line. It easily turns the variable information in your databases into unique printed identification numbers, production counts and even bar codes up to 1 inch in height.
Part Number: 180M-80000-DL200

MSSC Smart-Jet® DL200 Thermal Inkjet Coder

Introducing the Smart-Jet® DL200 thermal ink jet coder. Designed for use on your conveyor line, this technology offers superior reliability as well as a wide range of advantages for your packaging printing. It easily turns the variable information in your databases into unique printed identification numbers, production counts, and even bar codes. In addition, this coder is simple to use. It's user interface is run through a web browser, eliminating the need to download a driver or program. 

This printer is identical to the DL100 in functionality. The differences is that the DL200 uses two ink cartridges for a combined height of 1" in vertical print area. The two print heads are "stitched" together in the printing process to appear as a single message. For proper operation of this printer, the product you are printing on must be perfectly perpendicular to the print heads, and the object must pass by both print heads at a consistent speed. This is to aid the printer in "stitching" together the two print areas. While this printer works on a variety of conveyor systems, just be sure to meet these standards.

If you are printing on porous surfaces the DL100 will accept the 80375 Bulk Ink Supply and Mounting Platform 80980. For this printer you will need to bulk supplies, one for each print head.


  • Print up to 12 lines of text inside a 1" vertical print area
  • Connects to existing databases to print variable information such as serial numbers, barcodes and production counts.
  • Connects to company network via WiFi or Ethernet.
  • Functions as WiFi hotspot to direct connect laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Control from network computer or device.
  • Program is operated through a web browser (no need to download driver or program).
  • Controls up to 10 printers on Multi-Control Software.
  • Messages stored on printer (open on any computer).
  • Operate via smart phone using the iOS or Android app.
  • Print characters up to 1" in height.
  • CE Certified

Advantages of the DL200 model over the Smart Jet Blue:

  • Double up! You need to print multiple lines or messages with up to 1" tall letters.
  • Easily connect to database/excel sheet for printing variable information.
  • More barcode options that can be variable time/date/batch/serial numbers (i.e. Pharmaceutical applications)
  • Customers that want to control print from a computer/central hub and not allow line operators to change messages.
  • Customers that want multiple sizes of print within a message, or be able to creatively make a message with different fonts, sizes, etc within same message.

Pictures of the website program:

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