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Soft Handle 3" Tape Dispenser

Your Price: $15.95
Soft Handle 3" Tape Dispenser
Part Number: 145M-QPC303SH

3" Soft Handle Standard Tape Dispenser

Hand held tape dispensers are widely used in packaging and shipping departments and are available in two or three inches. PVC tape guns are fast and convenient for small mom and pop businesses.

Not all tape guns are equal. Some are mostly plastic with a very thin metal frame and hard plastic roller, others include soft handles, all steel construction, and softer rubber rub down rollers. Basically, you get what you pay for. If it's free, it's cheap.

Achem's soft handle tape gun is a great option that incorporates thicker steel, a better comfort grip, soft rub down roller, the best core holder, and an easier feeding path.

Need a safer unit? Check out our retractable blade units by clicking here.

Interested in a great way to keep up with your tape guns? Magnets! Click here.

Looking for a faster way to use pressure sensitive tape to seal cartons? We recommend automatic case sealers if you need plastic tape. If you try to use a table-top automatic dispenser, like the M1000 for taping boxes, the tape is too difficult to handle and will stick to everything once dispensed. If you are looking to speed up your operation, we recommend using a gummed tape dispenser. Overall they are faster and you only need ONE piece of tape to seal the flaps.

Here's an idea: Control your cost by issuing a new dispenser to every packer every six months! Give your packer a new one whether he needs it or not. If the employee loses it, have them pay to replace it. Your annual cost is only two units per employee per year, a minimal investment per employee when purchased in case quantity! Taking ownership causes packers to take care of their own possessions.


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