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Stone Ink Pad #2 - 1-3/4 Inch

Your Price: $11.40
Part Number: 105M-14174

Stone Ink Pad #2  1-3/4" Diameter

  • 1-3/4" Diameter pad
  • Ceramic stone pad works with capillary action to draw just enough ink to the surface of the pad to make a crisp print.
  • Works best with non-porous dye-type inks.
  • Lid closes securely to slow ink evaporation between uses
  • Ceramic stone pad stores ink in felt pad below. Great for use with inspection stamps and with evaporate inks. Ceramic pad brings just enough ink to the surface to make a crisp, fast-drying mark. Ink is applied to a felt pad, then the ceramic stone is set on top. Capillary action draws the ink to the surface, making it almost impossible to over-ink. Lid closes securely to prevent ink evaporation when not in use. Re-ink felt portion only. Best for non-porous surface marking with dye-type inks.

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