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Manufactured in Michigan, Take-A-Label has machinery for all things labels. The semi-automatic label dispensers are specially designed to have more of the label exposed for faster removal from the dispenser. If you have a long label, these dispensers are great because you don't have to wait for the motor to 'dispense' the label. The long face plate creates a platform where you can take the label right off.

They also offer pneumatic-powered applicators (TAL-3100 series) for all sorts of products. From curved rectangular squirt bottles to thin, round potpourri containers, Take-A-Label applicators may be just what you're looking for.

We offer the full line of replacement parts. Find your model in the above links to browse by picture or parts list.

Electric Label Dispensers

Two questions: 1) What's your label width on the roll? 2) How will the machine to detect the label?

1)  Label dispensers are offered in three widths (specialty 9" wide model also available):

More than likely, your label is a little more narrow than the actual roll. There's about a 1/32nd inch gap on the edges of the label, and a 1/8th inch gap between labels. For deciding on machine size, you'll want to measure the width of the entire roll, including the small ~1/32nd inch gap on either side of the labels to get your width measurement.

  • 250 for labels up to 2 1/2" wide
  • 450 for labels up to 4 1/2" wide
  • 750 for labels up to 7 1/2" wide

2)  Then, there are two ways the machine can detect the label

  • Photo-eye - the label passes in-front of the eye and triggers the machine to stop
    • Good for thin labels, holographic labels, or labels with aggressive adhesive
  • Trip-wire (also called micro-switch) - the label physically pushes a small metal wire that triggers the machine to stop
    • Good for clear labels and labels thicker than 2-3 mils (send us samples; we will test your labels)
TAL-250 Photo Eye

Photo Eye

Trip wire (a.k.a. micro-switch)

Stainless Steel Model:

Often used in food packaging environments.
Available with photo-eye or trip-wire


Manual Label Dispensers

Simple "Pull & Take" Label Dispensers

These basic, manual label dispensers can be just what you need to improve your labeling operation and not break the bank. This dispenser is offered in three widths: 5" - TAL-5M ; 10" - TAL10M ; 40" (two rows of 20") - TAL-40M

The way these operate is by feeding the label liner through a series of rollers which then cause the label to jut off the liner. Each time you need a label, pull the liner and dispense your label. You can dispense multiple labels in a single pull. Just pick pick pick, one for each finger.


Manual Crank Label Dispensers

If you have a long (+3 inches) label that you want to dispense manually, this may be a better solution than the basic "Pull & Take" dispenser. You can remove the entire label at once with these crank dispenser. Also, the leftover label liner is spooled up by the crank versus the basic dispenser leaving the liner hanging. The crank dispensers are offered in two widths: up to 2 1/2 inches, TAL-250M ; up to 4 1/2 inches, TAL-450M



Label Applicators

Round Product Label Applicators

Take-A-Label offers a complete line of table-top round product label applicators: TAL-1100MR, TAL-2100ER, and TAL-3100R. If you're just getting started and have a low volume operation, or are looking for a reliable non-electric machine, there is the manual TAL-1100MR. If you have a larger volume, or want the ease of an electric machine, the TAL-2100ER may be the perfect fit. If you're labeling a bottle with a taper, or are applying clear labels and want to ensure there are no bubbles, there's the TAL-3100R

The TAL-3100R is a pneumatic/electric machine that is the top of the line. This machine has an upper grey roller that presses down onto the bottle and helps apply the label to the container. This unit comes with optional add-on specialty carriages that rotate the bottle as the label is being applied. For perfect application of a tapered label, you should be rotating the container or label, or both, while applying. The 3100R can account for this. 


TAL-3100 Series Specialty Label Applicators

In addition to the TAL-3100R round product label applicator, Take-A-Label offers 3 other machines of this caliber. For table-top units, after the 3100R, there is also the TAL-3100T Tamp label applicator. This unit can apply labels to a wide variety of products. A pneumiatic tamp, drives the label down and onto the product. From rounded rectangular squirt bottles to wide and flat containers, this machine can apply labels to a wide variety of products. It is offerred with an additional custom made jig that can hold oblonged products to be labeled.

There is also a tamp label applicator that can be mounted over a conveyor system: TAL-3100C. This machine accomplishes similar labelling, but over a moving conveyor. In addition to the tamp conveyor, there is also the TAL-3100W. This machine can apply labels to the top or side of boxes. If you've got product coming down the conveyor line, and you need to add a label to the top or side, one of these 3100 series machines may be just the piece of equipment you need.

For all 3100 series machines, we encourage you to send us samples. We want to sell the right machine for the right application. Call us at (770) 554-1187 or email by clicking here before sending samples. We can chat about your application, and see if one of these machine would be right for you.


Printing Options

Many of these machines have the option to add a thermal ink jet printer to them. You can print expiration dates, barcodes, lot numbers and more on your labels while they're being dispensed or applies. Each one will need an additional bracket to mount the printer. It is not recommended on the manual machines because the labels need to pass at a consistent speed during printing. Please give us a call, or email, and ask about adding printers prior to purchasing a machine. Some machines may need have holes drilled for the mount. The most efficient was to have those holes drilled is to do so prior to purchasing the label machine.

If you want to print date codes onto your label, we recommend the constant speed dispenser. This machine is designed to compensate for the waste liner spool as it grows in diameter. On traditional dispensers, as the waste liner spool grows in circumference, it will begin to spin/dispense faster. The constant speed dispenser has an additional feeding mechanism before the waste liner spool that compensates for the change in circumference.

The Smart Jet Inkjet Printer can be added to the TAL-450-CS, TAL-750-CS, TAL-2100ER, TAL-3100R, TAL-3100T, TAL-3100C, and TAL-3100W.The TAL-3100R, and 2100ER to make a Total Solution. This enables you to print date codes on your labels as you apply them.


Label Rewinders and Unwinders

One major use for a label rewinder is if you have label printer and are printing rolls of labels yourself. Another useful, but rare, use of these is to change the orientation of your labels. There are different copy positions (orientations) that labels can be printed in, and sometimes you need the opposite copy position. So these rewinders can help you go from copy position 1 to position 2, or vice versa, and copy position 3 to position 4 or vice versa.

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