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TAL-750 with Hot Stamp Imprinter

Your Price: $5,361.00
TAL-750 Semi-Automatic Photo Eye with Hot Stamp Imprinter
Part Number: 103M-TAL750HD-HSI

Take-A-Label TAL-750HD with Hot Stamp Imprinter

Semi-Automatic Photo Eye

The TAL-750HD model with the POP-2 Hot Stamp Imprinter will print on virtually any label stock, die-cut or butt-cut, parallel or vertical to the web direction. The electric powered imprinter offers a imprint area of 1/2 x 1.3 .

Key Benefits

The Hot Stamp Imprinter prints information such as pricing, use-by dates, sell-by dates, net weight, lot numbers and batch number for industrial and medical applications.

The Hot Stamp Printer mounts on the TAL-750HD as pictured above.  Machine and printer included in price.

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