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Showing with optional printer attachment.
Showing with optional printer attachment.

TAL Constant Speed Label Dispenser

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Take-A-Label Constant Speed Label Dispensers are designed to dispense labels at a consistent speed so that an ink jet printer can accurately and consistently print on labels prior to being dispensed.
Part Number: 103M-TAL

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Take-A-Label Constant Speed Label Dispenser

This machine is designed for those that want to print on their labels (expiration, date, lot #, etc.) while they're being dispensed. The "CS"-series dispenser is a step above Take-A-Label's standard label dispensers. This dispenser has an additional feeding mechanism that enables the machine to dispense labels at a consistent speed. The standard dispensers begin to run faster as your waste wind grows in circumference. As the dispenser speed increases, the ink jet printer can begin to stretch the print. The added feeding mechanism on the CS dispensers eliminates this issue.

Take-A-Label Dispensers have been the industry standard for over 40 years. They are designed and built to work with almost any label construction. The TAL Electric Label Dispensers are simple to operate and will keep up with production day after day. Designed and built in the USA these dispensers are built with an eye to detail and durability. The TAL Label Dispensers have remained relatively unchanged for the last 40 years, and that is a testament to their design and durability.

Great for applications involving long labels due to the unique dispensing pattern.  8" of the label is exposed for immediate removal from the dispenser when used as a stand alone dispenser. Less is exposed when the ink jet is attached.

Standard Features:

  • Label Roll Diameter up to 12”
  • Durable All Steel Frame with Powder Coat Finish
  • Heavy Duty Motor with Built In Overload Protection
  • Dispenses Die-cut or Butt-cut Labels
Optional Attachments:
  • Label Counter
  • Fan Fold Adapter

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