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New style mounting for 2019 - TAL-450 Pictured
New style mounting for 2019 - TAL-450 Pictured

TAL750HD with Smart-Jet BLUE Total Solution

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Retail Price:$3,795.00
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Take-A-Label TAL-750HD
Part Number: 888TS-TAL750HD-SJB

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TAL-750HD with Smart-Jet BLUE Ink Jet Printer

 For Just The TAL-750HD Dispenser CLICK HERE

7" Semi-Automatic Photo Eye with Printer

Need a way to date code labels? We mounted a MSSC Smart-Jet inkjet printer to the Take-A-Label TAL-750HD label dispenser. Print expiration dates, lot numbers, bar codes etc on the label as they are dispensed. We offer a total solution right out of the box with everything you need to get started on delivery.

The total solution includes the TAL750HD printer, Smart-Jet BLUE ink jet printer, brackets, and two ink jet cartridges.

Take-A-Label redesigned the machines for 2019 and eliminated the square feet.  We modified the mounting for the new style machine. Our new design allows for the operator to easily move the message left, right, up or down.

Key Benefits

  • Print information as the labels dispense, 
  • Information can be changed at will
  • Program the printer via cell phones, tablets, and keyboard.
  • All Steel Frame Construction.
  • Standard Photo Cell
  • Open vertical peel edge will not trap labels and allows multiple labels on common liner to be dispensed.
  • Heavy duty motor with built in overload protection.
  • Shipping weight: 40 lbs.
  • Max label width: 7.5"
  • Max roll diameter: 12"
  • Core size: 1" or 3"

Available Options

  • Photo Eye: Standard
  • Porous or non-Porous inks
  • 18" Roll Adapter

There are limitations based on the printer.  For more info on the Smart-Jet Blue, click here.

We highly recommend sending in a roll of your labels for us to set up a machine and verify it will work per your needs.


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