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Shoot tape over the carton for easy placement.
Shoot tape over the carton for easy placement.

Tape Aerial

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Tape Aerial
Part Number: 123A-0344

Better Packages Tape Aerial

Tape Aerial improves effeciency!

Key Benefits

  • Shoots tape over carton for easy placement (same direction the tape is needed!)
  • Adds crease down middle for centering
  • Allows for sideways placement of tape machine

In the above photo the tape aerial can be seen creasing the
tape so that when it is dispensed it 'shoots' over the box

The Tape Aerial will now fit the Better Pack 333 Plus* and the new Better Pack 500.

Placement of a Better Pack dispenser will greatly improve efficiency of your packers. An optional Tape Aerial will crease the tape down the middle and "shoot" the tape over the carton for easy placement. Optional Spasaver Stand will place the machine effectively over table tops or conveyor lines to improve product flow. Your operators will experience less fatigue, and perform their jobs faster.

Note: The Tape Aerial shown above does not fit the new BP555e series machines.

* To install on the BP333 you will need to replace the FM16X Pressure Plate with the FM609AX Pressure Plate and E610AX Weight assembly. (We still think it's better to get the BP500 Electric tape dispenser!)

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