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45309 Label Micro Switch Assembly

Your Price: $109.00
Label Micro Switch Assembly
Part Number: 103P-45309

Label Detection Micro Switch Assembly 45309

2014-2018 models.

To determine which assembly you have, if you have the white plastic plug, you have this one.  If your assembly is connected to a circuit board inside the motor cover, you have the 103P-45409, click here.

If you have the old style micro switch you will need to replace the assembly with this one.  The only serviceable part on the old switch is the wire part number 103P-45208, click here. Note the different bends in the wire.

Having problems repairing your label dispensers? Check out our service options - click here. Pack it up, include contact information or fill out our Service Ticket, and send it in for a free repair estimate.  

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