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White material
White material

650 Poly Core Twist Tie Material

Your Price: $191.15
Metal-free Twist Tie Material To Close Bags That Is Used In The Poly Tie-Matic
Part Number: 185C-650

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#650 METAL-FREE Poly-Twist Plastic Spool Material (2000')

Looking for a metal-free packaging solution?  Plas-Ties now carries a complete line of WIRELESS (#650) twist-tying material to secure your products.  These ties are reusable, flexible and durable, even when microwaved.  Our ties easily pass through metal detectors and work seamlessly with the Poly Tie-Matic.

Available colors are: Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Black.

Roll contains 2000'. Sold by the case, 5 spools per case.

Note: This material will only work with the POLY machine.


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