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#4 Metal Coupling Glue Roller Side #5 Rubber Coupling #7 Metal Coupling - Motor

Part #
Metal Coupling - 7/16" Bore for Glue Roller
Rubber Coupling
Allen Screw for Metal Coupling
Metal Coupling - 1/2" Bore for Motor Shaft
Black Bodine Fractional Gear Motor
Bolt for Motor Plate to Base
Brush Cap Older Bodine Motor
Brush Cap Newer Bodine Motor
Brush Cap Black Carter Motor
11 & 12
Carbon Brush Older Bodine Motor
11 & 12BR
Carbon Brush Newer Bodine Motor
11 & 12C
Carbon Brush Carter Motor
Power Cord
Glue Roller - 8"
Glue Roller - 10"
Glue Roller - 14"
Screw for Spring Clip
Washer for Spring Clip
Spring Clip
Motor Plate
Screw - Motor Plate to Motor
Green Nut
Speed Control Dial

* New Boding Motor supplied for replacement.  A rectifier is required.  If your machine already has one, you might have the new motor.

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