Gluefast Operating Instructions

Captain B Gluer.

10 Easy Start-Up Steps:


2)  Place label gluer on flat work table with glue regulator knob (Part #19) facing you.

3)  Remove Cover (#17).  Place hand under cover and lift up gently, thus disengaging cover locking pins.  The removable glue tray (#16) is now exposed.

4)  Fill the glue tray until glue is 1/4" higher than bottom of glue roller (#23).

5)  Under Cover, note doctor blade (#21) and straighten, if necessary, by turning regulator knobs.  Replace cover, MAKING SUE that the front end is positioned under spring clips (#26) and that the cover locking pins are seated in the openings in the side frames of the gluer.

Note:  The doctor blade should never touch the glue roller.  This will cause the motor to overheat excessively with possible damage.

6)  Turn gluer so that glue roller faces you.

7)  Insert brass rod (#22) with pick-off fingers (#1 & #36) into lower slots.  The pick off points (#1) should touch the glue roller at a sharp angle to make sure the glued label is peeled from the glue roller.  Pick-off fingers and points should be close together for narrow labels.  Fingers should turn easily on the brass rod.

8)  Place the two other brass rods into slots and turn on power to the gluer.

9)  Adjust film of glue on roller by turning the glue control knobs.

10)  Labels are placed on the cover and slid under the first brass rod.  When it contacts the glue roller, it is automatically fed, glue applied, and picked off by the points.  Remove the glued label and apply the label on the package.

Clean-Up and Maintenance

(10-15 minutes required)


Check 2 sets of carbon brushes (11 & 12) on the top and bottom of the motor.  Replace when brushes are 1/8" long.  The pick off points should lie in a parallel line along glue roller.  If they need adjustment, draw a line across glue roller to adjust points in fingers.  S=Fingers should move freely on finger rod.  If necessary, move small rattail file lightly in and out of the hole to clean.


Red Oil Holes - Oil the glue roller bushings located on either side of the main frame, using 2 - 3 drops of any light weight machine oil.  Oil twice daily if heavy use is expected.  Using too mcsh oil will result in oil dripping into the glue so do not use too much!

Motors do not require oiling.

Remove glue from reservoir at the end of each day.  Rinse tray under cold water and replace tray partially filled with water.  Turn on switch so glue roller is rinsed by water in glue tray.  Use a wet cloth to clean roller, guide rods, and finger points.  When all parts are clean, remove glue tray and discard water.


Do not bring doctor blade (#21) against glue roller (#23) against glue roller (#23).  This will cause excessive heating of motor resulting in burnout.

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