Potdevin Label Paster

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 Description  LM6  LM8  LM12  
 Drive Belt  LM-551       
 Cast Iron Glue Pot  LM-536A      
 Feed Roller Assembly  LM-519A       
 Gear Guard  LM-502       
 Glue Roller  LM-514A       
 Machine Base  LM-503-1      
 Scraper Blade  LM-527       
 Scraper Bridge  LM-539       
 Feed Table Arm (LM12 Only)  N/A  LM-802A  
 Bearing Assembly, Left Hand  LM-512B   
 Bearing Assembly, Right Hand  LM-508B   
 Drive Pulley Assembly  LM-533A   
 Feed Table Support  LM-861  
 Feed Table Noise Damper  LM-864  
 Gear Guard Spring  LM-507   
 Glue Roller Gear  LM-522  
 Motor  LM-865   
 Motor Pulley  LM-550-1  
 Oil Cup  LM-508B-5  
 Pin, Feed Table  LM-544B  
 Pin, Left Hand Scraper Bridge  LM-542   
 Reduction Gear Stud Collar  LM-549   

Note: If we haven't listed the part you need, give us a call at (770) 554-1187, Mon - Fri, 8:30 - 5:00 EST. The LM Label Pasters have been in production for several decades. When ordering parts, please specify the width of your model and serial number of the machine. If your machine has been modified with aftermarket parts after it was manufactured, we cannot guarantee proper replacement.

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